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Global Diligence

Top-notch Consultancy Solutions

Tailor made programs to significantly enhance your company performance driven by rejuvenated strategy, superior operational and financial characteristics, optimized or relocated supply chain all powered by a passionate performance driven culture. We have a core team of hands-on senior professionals experienced globally to deliver strategic interventions that improve ROI and maximize overall results.

Founded 1999


Global Footprint

We are a boutique consulting firm to manufacturing companies with an extensive Global footprint of experience and contacts that successfully undertakes difficult assignments that require boldness, high energy, ingenuity, persistence and an ability to consistently deliver superior results.

Superior Returns

The firm’s focus is on driving superior returns by implementing fundamental strategic and operational improvements and intelligent supply chain relocation to drive above-market growth in revenue and earnings, both organically and through accretive acquisitions.

Diverse Skillset

The diverse skill set of our team allows GDL to bring management, operational, sales and marketing, corporate finance and M&A expertise to bear to substantially increase the total value of client companies.

Be Different  — We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”― Albert Einstein


To deliver to our clients a high level of commitment, a clear understanding of the scope and desired results of each engagement and execute our role delivering targeted results as an integral part of the client team with exceptional integrity


Our expertise covers six primary areas that are critical to every company.


Targeting quantification, qualification, valuation. LOI, deal close, integration, strategy & planning.


Quick and accurate analysis of the situation, documentation of turnaround strategy, operational and financial cash flow plans, communication and earn support of lenders, ownership and employees, successful & fast execution.

Global & Local Supply Chain Optimization

Given current China tariff and logistics problems, we can relocate your supply chain to other source countries.

Strategic Planning

Understand the vision of ownership and challenge the status quo in every way in order to develop a long-term plan that meets the objectives of ownership. This may entail simply business unit performance improvement up to rapid growth scenarios through M&A and aggressive R&D

Enterprise Value Enhancement

This is often a part of exit strategy where the shareholder wants to maximize their financial return. We utilize a proven process of: highly critical review of all aspects of the business (market dynamics and opportunities, product offering, sales structure, overhead effectiveness, manufacturing and financial performance and more), challenging every aspect of the status quo to define a dramatically new path forward.

Interim Management

Often a part of succession planning or a result of a sudden loss of a key leader on a CEO / COO level. We provide experienced leadership to not only ensure continuity but also use our extensive experience to analyze all aspects of the business, document a proposed strategic and operational plan going forward and incorporate culture change where necessary.


Global Experience

We have been on the ground and operated in over 25 countries in North & South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East and South East Asia. Client sizes range from annual sales of $35 million to $4 billion.

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M & A: 

  • Want to acquire without big firm costs and lag time?
  • Desire a manufacturers approach vs. brokers?
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Enterprise value enhancement:

  • Need to increase enterprise value for a potential sale?
  • Want more than operational improvements?
  • View an example of 3X

Strategic Planning:

Interim Management:

  • Do you suddenly need a senior interim manager ?
  • Want to implement substantial cultural and performance change?
  • Hire us

Supply C


  • Losing money and you’re not sure why?
  • On the verge of bankruptcy?
  • Your answer

Board of Directors

  • Need fresh perspective on your board?
  • Want a rejuvenated board?
  • Watch this.

Speaking Engagements

Given the extensive experience Global Diligence has globally, we have been called upon to speak at industry trade gatherings, individual company management groups and Board of Directors meetings.

Topics have ranged from new business start ups to global expansion, culture change, business unit performance optimization, turnarounds, global supply chain optimization and more. We generally do this at a no-fee, travel expense-only basis.

Board Membership / Participation

Our extensive global and operational experience positions us well to be a significant, positive contributor to the Board of Directors as we focus on relentlessly challenging the status quo.

If you prefer an incremental approach to membership, we are available and have in the past been an advisor to the board and participated in all the board meetings. Our involvement has often increased focus on strategic and operational issues, resulting in a more proactive board.

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